MAC Holiday Collection 2012: Glamourdaze, Small Vanity, and Lavish Rose

I know, I know, another holiday collection? Yup, I really seem to be buying into them lately! What’s funny is that I was most interested in getting something from the Shu Uemura x Karl Lagerfeld Mon Shu collection but I ended up with nothing from it at all. Everything looked great in the promo photos, but once I saw the products in front of me, I was just not as excited as I thought I would be. Maybe next year, Shu! Now the exact opposite happened to me with MAC’s Glamourdaze collection. I saw the promotions and thought they were pretty boring plus the gift sets didn’t look to be very good value for money. But when I saw the collection at the MAC counter, I fell in love with one of the lipsticks right away! I then saw a really great review of one of the blushes which looked like a really good match for the lipstick I wanted and I was pretty much sold on two items at that point…

MAC Small Vanity blush + Glamourdaze lipstick

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