USA Makeup & Skincare 2015

It’s always difficult to control myself when shopping in the States. That goes for everything, not just makeup and skincare, but it’s especially bad with beauty stuff because they tend to be small items that add up in price quickly. So this year I attacked the U.S. beauty shopping scene with a detailed list of things I knew I wanted to get. I did save a lot of money, but I also ended up with much less than I normally take home. Wether I’ll regret that or not isn’t really clear yet… but here are the (relatively) few things I am glad to have: DSC01201Let’s start with body and skincare because — why not!

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Stocking Up On Old Favourites: My Sasa Picks

Catching a glimpse of Sasa’s pink logo always gets my heart racing and my lips inevitably curl up into a smile. It’s a reaction mirrored only by a Sephora sighting. Sasa (in case you didn’t already know) is an Asian beauty and health store based in Hong Kong and found in many major Asian cities—but not the Philippines. Boo.

Sasa carries a wide array of brands (from Caudalie to Elizabeth Arden to Fairydrops, Bourjois, Canmake and so much more) and is known for selling little sample sizes of products as well as offering things at great prices. Shopping in Sasa is a strange mix of the drugstore shopping experience combined with some higher end options and great deals. I love it.
P1180536There was only really one thing I knew I had to pick up from Sasa on my recent trip to Macau: the Fairydrops Quattro Mascara (120 MOP / approx. 680 Php), which you can see on the far right in the photo above.

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Singapore Haul: Too Faced, Tarte, bareMinerals, and drooling over HAKUHODO brushes

I recently went on a quick trip to Singapore with my Dad. He was there to do business and so was I (in a sense). My business mainly involved hunting down products inside Sephora and DFS. Not quite as important as my dad’s agenda, but it was definitely a serious matter (to me, at least). IMG_6871Sephora in Singapore doesn’t carry all Sephora brands and sometimes the prices can actually come out a bit higher than Sephora in the US, so I tread with caution in there. I made it a point to get things that were not available in Manila or at Duty Free shops. I didn’t have a specific list of items to pick up, but I knew I would be choosing between the Urban Decay NAKED 3 palette and the Too Faced Chocolate Bar palette.

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So I Went Shopping

I was meant to be doing errands this past Monday (which I still did naman) when I ended up buying a few makeup bits. I also went on a swatching spree with the Revlon Matte and Lacquer balms, which are relatively new to Manila. Lookie:shopping2The lady at the Revlon stall in PCX was very patient with me that day. It was my first time to see these and I had no idea there were TEN shades from each line (bad beauty blogger, not doing your research!). Naturally, I wanted to try every single shade on my arm and it left me with these two pretty rows of swatches. :)

I was going to arrange them by shade but I was much too excited… so now I have no idea which is which except for the two that I actually bought. Hehe! I’m sure you can find proper swatches of the whole range online (Temptalia did reviews, for example). Just wanted to share the photo with you guys because it’s pretty and the whole range looks promising. The two shades I bought are on the far upper left and far lower right. They’re #145 Ingenue and#250 Standout. Srsy, leave it to me to pick the most basic shades. Lol.

shopping1And here’s everything I got on that day! Clockwise from the blush: NYX Blush in Taupe, Revlon Lacquer Balm in #145 Ingenue, Revlon Matte Balm in #250 Standout, VMV Superskin Toner 2 (new formula), and a Duo eyelash adhesive.

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Bangkok Beauty Buys!

Flew to Bangkok over the long weekend to spend time with family and do a bit of shopping. I hadn’t been to Bangkok in 12 years so I was clueless on what to expect, but I was pleasantly surprised by how good the shopping was! I didn’t get to take full advantage of the cheap-ness because I was so damn clueless but now I know what to prepare for the next time I go back. ;)Since this is largely a beauty blog, here’s a sneak peek of the beauty products I was able to buy! Bangkok has BOOTS! As in the British beauty store, which is why there are a couple of No. 7 products in my little haul. They also had Bioderma at a price that wasn’t exorbitant (you can order this locally for 1000++) so I snatched that up in a heartbeat. I am most excited about that little black box in the lower right corner of the photo though. Ahh. ♥

Anything here that you’d like me to review/talk about first? :D I think I will do a post on my trip as well even though I didn’t get to do any tourist-y things at all. I definitely want to go back!

Landmark Mini Haul

I was at our condo unit in Makati last Sunday, waiting to see a film at Greenbelt 3 later that afternoon, so I decided to walk over to Landmark to check out their beauty section. I love shopping at the Landmark. Even though it’s always packed with people, their selection of clothing, shoes, random accessories, and beauty products is pretty darn good, not to mention affordable. They also happened to be on a mini sale (just around 10% off on selected items) so it was pretty good timing! Here’s what I got…

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