A Little Spa In My Pocket: Human Nature’s Balm For All Seasons

P1170361Human Nature’s Balm For All Seasons (100.00 Php at Beauty Bar) has been in my life for quite a while now. This is a repurchase, but not because I finished my first pot… I lost it some time last year. I initially bought it in January of 2014 because I (mistakenly) thought it was a multipurpose lip balm. Turns out that a “soothing balm” is one of those oil-based thingies that you warm up in your hands then lift up to your nose for a calming, spa-like experience.

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Healthy, Happy Hair with Human Nature

I think I’ve talked about going sulphate-free here before, but that was ages ago. I was using a brand from Healthy Options that was good at first but ended up irritating my scalp in the long run. Since then I lapsed back into using whatever shampoo and conditioner happened to be most convenient, whether sulfate-free or not. That is, until recently, when I was reminded of the Human Nature set of shampoo & conditioner that I had left sitting in my condo for guests to use. My cousins from the U.S. stayed over in December of last year and one of them loved the shampoo enough to ask where she could buy more. After they left, I thought I should try it out myself!
HHNcI started with the Clarifying Shampoo (149.75 Php for 200 mL) because I was in need of one. Technically, this isn’t sulfate-free, but the sulfate found in it is derived from natural ingredients. The website reads:

 Our breakthrough clarifying shampoo is our foamiest shampoo ever, yet it’s still 100% free from harmful SLS/SLES. We use coco fatty acid sulfates instead – natural sulfates that give you rich lather equal to the foaminess of SLS/SLES but are non-toxicfully biodegradable and proudly manufactured in the Philippines!

And it really does lather up just as much as a regular shampoo would! It also does not strip my hair dry while still getting all of the gunk out of there (from styling products). I use this once or twice a week, but it can actually be used daily because it is very mild. I just go for it when my hair starts to feel heavy. Right now I have the 200mL size but will probably get the big-ass 500 mL bottle next time.HHNsAfter trying the Clarifying Shampoo for a couple of weeks, I didn’t even want to wait until I was done with my regular shampoo and conditioner. I went out and got the Strengthening Shampoo (129.75 Php for 200mL) and Conditioner (144.74 Php for 200mL) in the “cool peppermint” variants right away! Unlike the clarifying shampoo, these don’t have any kind of sulfate whatsoever and after a couple of months of using this line my scalp feels so much healthier and comfortable. The strengthening line also comes in “soothing aloe” but the cooling effect of the peppermint variant is really great especially when you take a shower on a hot day!

Human Nature has never failed me, and I don’t know why it took me so long to think to try their shampoos, lol. If any of you are looking to go sulfate-free, try their line because (1) it works, (2) it’s affordable, and (3) Human Nature is an amazing brand with an amazing story. They have a Philippine website, a US website, and an international one, so do check them out no matter where you are from! They will ship to you. ;) In the Philippines, HHN is available at Rustan’s groceries and these independent stores (click).

For full ingredients lists, click through! 

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Sneak Peek: Human Heart Nature Overnight Elixir

I recently tried a sample of the reformulated Estee Lauder Advanced Night Repair Serum and I loved it. I stretched out one sample sachet to about five uses (good job, me! haha) but I knew I was not going to buy the full-size because it costs 5,300.00 Php. No, I did not accidentally add one more zero to that figure. It really will set you back 5k!

ESP1Imagine my delight then (that is a funny phrase–“imagine my delight” hmm) when I saw on Khristine’s instagram that Human Heart Nature would be coming out with their own Overnight Elixir. 100% Natural, with no harmful chemicals, and Philippine-made pa! I checked HHN stalls the next day, but they can take some time to deliver stock, so I just ordered it off of the website instead !It arrived a couple of days ago in this box. Wanna see the bottle? I know you do! ;)

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