My INGLOT Freedom System 5-Eyeshadow Palette

So this is turning out to be a very timely post! Liz of Project Vanity just announced that INGLOT Cosmetics will be opening in Glorietta 5 very soon (YAY). That makes me feel a gazillion times better about sharing my Freedom System palette with you guys. I usually feel guilty when I talk about something that isn’t available locally because I presume that when people read reviews, they’re doing research for a possible future purchase. It’s frustrating to read a review of an awesome product that you just can’t get your hands on. I know the feeling all too well. Now, I can share my thoughts on INGLOT’s Freedom System and these particular eyeshadows with you guys with the hope that it will guide you in making decisions about future purchases. I love that!

IFP1I mentioned my INGLOT palette on the blog once before and I also posted a photo of it on my instagram when I first got it, but here she is now facing review. I suppose her being a part of my monthly faves for August kind of gives it away–based on personal preferences and given this particular palette that I put together, I do love this palette of mine. A review, however, is by nature a more critical examination (or even an appraisal of value) of a product, and so here I will attempt to discuss the different facets of the product that might apply to everyone’s experience of the brand and not just my personal preference.

Ready yourself. This is going to be a long one!

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