Confession: I Like Pens (And These Are My Faves)

This is admittedly very random, but I’ve been going back and forth on doing a post about this for a while and I figured it couldn’t hurt. And I really wanted to talk about this. I love books, I love to write, and I love good paper/notebooks. So it’s only natural that I should have pen preferences as well, right?

I’m no expert when it comes to writing instruments, but I am particular about what I use. I still write notes on paper before beginning any major piece (be it a blog post or a school paper) and I also do write in a journal occasionally. For those things, I have two different types of pens: the “workhorses” and my “fancy pens.” Let’s start by having a look at my utilitarian babies:

The Workhorses

These are the pens that I use for day-to-day writing. They’re what I carry in my bag and use to take notes when I have to. Before I actually start talking about the pens, allow me to apologise for the crappy photo quality. I had to use a lightbox because of the incessant rains and I am also not used to photographing pens. (Funnily enough they behave quite differently from makeup under a camera lens.)P1190198 Ok, so these are the black pens that I use on a daily basis. Up top is my LAMY Rollerball. I’m fairly certain that this writes with a 0.7 mm point, which is a bit thick for my taste but the pretty matte black exterior of the pen is too sexy to give up. When I eventually run out of ink I can buy a refill.

The second pen is a Uniball Vision Needle with a 0.5 mm point. It is also a rollerball (it makes use of water-based ink as opposed to ballpoint pens which use oil-based ink) and it writes like a dream for such an affordable pen. I make it a point to have two of these in my life at all times (because it’s the pen I lend to people when they ask to borrow one and you know how some people just never return pens…). 

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