Review: Bioderma Atoderm Restorative Lip Balm

P1150984It’s finally time for the first of my Bioderma reviews since the brand launched in the Philippines! I’m kicking it off with the Restorative Lip Balm (910.00 Php), which is part of Bioderma’s range designed for dry skin: Atoderm. You don’t exactly have to have dry skin to use this though, as even girls with oily skin can have dry lips. This lip balm in particular will probably please a wide range of different people as it’s unscented, not greasy, and hypoallergenic. P1150991The very fact that this is a basic lip balm is what makes it so great. There are no frills — it just works. If you’ve ever used Khiels’ lip balm in the original formula, this Bioderma option is the less greasy, more quickly absorbed version of it. 

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Smith’s Rosebud Salve — Pretty tin is pretty useful!

Hey guys! :) I was thinking of ways to be more consistent in posting on this blog, so I’ve decided to try sticking to a schedule. I’ll be posting 2-3 times a week on Sundays, Tuesdays, and/or Thursdays. This post was actually supposed to go up yesterday (Thursday) but I got caught up watching Veronica Mars (which I am just now watching so I can see the movie!) so I didn’t get to finish up. Hehe. Hopefully a schedule will help me get organized so that I can queue posts ahead of time instead of rushing to finish something the day before. We’ll see how it goes! Anyway, moving on to the product I want to share with you today: RS1Smith’s Rosebud Salve (490.00 Php at PCX) is one of those “cult-favourite” products that everyone has tried out or at least heard of. I’ve seen it in countless magazines, featured as a multipurpose product that celebs wouldn’t be caught without. The Rosebud Salve was originally called “Tholene” and has been in production since 1892 (!!!). For a little tin of a simple petroleum-based salve to sell for that long, you just know it’s doing something right. Rosebud Perfume Co. has also remained under the ownership of the same family for all these years–gotta admire multi-generaltional dedication like that.

The simple, world-famous tin has a pretty vintage look to it. I believe empty tins that are truly vintage items are of considerable value and are considered collectibles. I adore tin packaging in general (be it for biscuits or makeup), so I will probably keep this once I’ve finished the balm. I have already dropped it and put a ding in the side and it will get scratched up if I continue to chuck it in my bag, but that’s just part of the charm of the product. But what does it do, exactly? 

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Must-Have: Sebamed Lip Defense SPF 30

Happy Friday, everyone! :) I’m sure y’all are excited for the long weekend, but before you rush off into the mountains, escape to the beach, or head back to your provinces (all things I wish I were doing but am not!), allow me to share with you another absolute must-have in life (the first being the Eight Hour Cream), especially for those of you who love to be outdoors:

Lip balm with SPF. Yes, everyone needs a lip balm with an SPF. If you’ve never had your lips burned by the sun before, consider yourself lucky and do not sit back and let it happen. Our lips are always at risk of being burned (unless you live indoors all day, every day) and they are especially at risk of sunburn when they are dry and chapped to begin with. Peeling lips reveal even more delicate skin and if you can imagine raw skin getting sunburned, I’m sure you’re cringing right along with me now.

There are loads of lip balms out there with SPF, but as with any product, not all brands do it right. Most lip balms will have an SPF of 15, but I was looking for one with a higher protection factor when I picked up the Banana Boat Suncreen Lip Balm (more about that another time) and the Sebamed Lip Defense (250.00 Php at Zalora), which both have an SPF of 30. SMLD1This is a no-frills, no-fuss kind of product and I love that. Plain white tube, twist-up mechanism, and a generous amount of balm. The ingredients include jojoba oil for intensive care, vitamin E for protection against free radicals, and bisabolol to regenerate the skin. To me this smells a little bit like cocoa butter, but that might be the SPF because it’s meant to be unscented. Of course the best part is the high SPF. I wore this at the beach last weekend and my lips felt hydrated and protected all day.

SMLD2Texture-wise it was kind of stiff to begin with, but once it warmed up application was easy and it felt like butter on my lips. There is actually a small gap between the balm and the packaging. It’s hard enough to hold its own shape, which explains why it can be difficult to warm up. On the plus side, that means this won’t melt easily in your handbag or in the heat of the beach. This just does everything it sets out to do. It’s no luxury product, but it works. That’s the most important thing. No complaints from me! :)

I got my tube at PCX for a bit more than 300.00 Php, but you can get it from Zalora at 250.00. Still, if you add shipping and the hassle of paying online, you might as well buy it in a store. Only SM stores carry Sebamed. That means Watson’s, PCX, and some SM department stores.

Do you guys have a favourite balm with SPF in it? Is it a necessity for you or do you just pick up any old lip balm? :)

Enjoy the long weekend!

Bedside Table Staple: Huiles & Baumes Lip Balm

I have always had a small pot of petroleum jelly on my bedside table… just to slather some on my lips before hitting the hay, you know. Recently though, I felt like I wanted to replace my plastic-cased 32 peso petroleum jelly with something slightly more luxurious– ok, a lot more luxurious!Hence, I present to you my Huiles & Baumes natural and certified organic lip balm! It comes in a pretty box and the product itself is housed in a glass jar with an aluminium top (I think). There is no petroleum in this balm which is apparently something that a lot of people avoid. I personally never had any problems with petroleum-based products, but this oil and beeswax based lipbalm does seem to feel lighter and melts into my lips much more quickly.

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