Revlon Super Lustrous Lipstick

RCB1While Revlon is without a doubt my favourite drugstore makeup brand, I only had one lipstick from this particular range of lippies before last week. What happened? A sale happened. Lol. The Super Lustrous Lipsticks went from 450.00 Php (a reasonable price to begin with) to 350.00 Php, so I picked up four new ones to join Pink In The Afternoon, which I have had for over a year now.

There was no rhyme or reason to the way I chose these shades… they just kind of called out to me. I also only picked shades in two of the four finishes the range has to offer: shine and creme. The other two are matte and pearl. Again, no real reason for it… just was not in the mood for mattes, I suppose. They are supposed to be excellent in formulation though! RCB2Two pinks, two plum/berry shades, and a brown. Mink, a beige shade with neutral-cool brown undertones, is by far the most interesting of these shades (to me). On anyone darker than me, this would make a very nice nude. On my skintone or on lighter skintones, it screams 90s, which I kind of love. Plum Velour and Berry Couture are typical choices for me, while Pink Sizzle is a bit outside of my comfort zone. Pink In the Afternoon, which again I have had for some time already, is a shade that will work on everyone but in different ways. 

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A Lipstick Profile, Of Sorts: The Lipstick Tag

LT2I was tagged by Carina to do this lipstick tag a couple of weeks ago and I was kind of excited about it because I don’t remember the last time I was actually tagged to fill up something… possibly during Multiply days? Hehe.

It was also interesting to answer these questions because lipsticks aren’t really my favourite part of makeup–meaning I would much rather spend my time working on my skin and eye makeup. I tend not to stray from my comfort zone of browny pinks and deeper plummy reds because when I do, I never use those shades anyway. I do still love a good lip product thpugh and I definitely own more than any one person needs, but still considerably less than other beauty bloggers out there. Anyway, here are my answers!

 1. How many lipsticks do you own?

40, give or take a few!

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3CE Lipstick in Vamp

Hey guys! So here’s the first of the products I got in my BNT Girls box– a really vampy lipstick! :)

A little background info on the brand first: 3CE stands for “3 Concept Eyes” Cosmetics. It’s Stylenanda‘s makeup line that launched back in 2009 and to be honest–I had no clue what Sylenanda was, so I had to search that as well. Hehe! Turns out it’s this super cool Korean brand/website that reminds me a little bit of ASOS, but with a distinctly Korean edge. I loved looking through the clothes so if you’re into KPop or Korean style in general, go check it out! :)

The makeup line, 3CE, aims to create range of styles based on three basic colours: pink, beige, and orange. The whole range of products looks really great; somehow edgy and classy at the same time. I was once again reminded of another brand because of the styling–American Apparel. Their very limited range of beauty items, at least. Anyway, today I have the 3CE lipstick in Vamp* to share with you guys.3CEVThe design on the box packaging is pretty unique. It definitely caught my eye the moment I opened the box! I checked the name of the shade on the bottom before even opened the box, so I was already really excited to see that it was called “Vamp.” I’d been lusting after a few vampy reds in stores but obviously have been unable to buy them because of my makeup ban (this is the last month, btw! Yay!). 
3CEV1I was surprised to find that the lipstick packaging itself is not a rounded bullet. It’s a chunky rectangular thing that fits very snugly into the box. I’m not sure I like how large it actually is, but I really like that it doesn’t slide around when I put it down on a table, hehe. The finish on the packaging is a nice demi-matte and the logo of 3CE is pretty uhm, groovy. That triangle is all misshapen on purpose, y’all. 

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A February Treat

LMRSThe first February was a Friday last week and I thought that the combination of the beginning of my birth month and a long weekend was just the perfect (albeit slightly irrational) reason for me to get a new lipstick! A pink lipstick in particular, it being the month of love and all. ♥ I initially wanted one of the new Bobbi Brown matte lip colors, but the shade I had my heart set on was out of stock so I had a little browse at the Laura Mercier counter (loving LM lately; more on that another time). I had never tried one of their lipsticks and their color selection looked pretty good. It didn’t take me long to find the Shimmer Lip Colour in Raspberry Sorbet. I knew that it was the colour I was looking for the second I swatched it! It’s a “berry rose shimmer” according to the LM website, which is just all things that I love together in one lippie– berry, rose, and shimmer (in the right amount). Hello, perfection.

Now I have no idea why LM lippies don’t get more hype, but they definitely deserve it. The formula of this lipstick is comparable to MAC lustres, which are my fave finish from MAC. LM also offers Creme Lip Colours as well as Sheer Lip Colours, which cover the heavy and sheer finishes respectively. The Shimmer Lip Colours fall in between those, offering great colour pay-off with a nice, healthy shine. The formula wears on me for just under three hours. Nothing great but it doesn’t fade in patches so you just have to remember to reapply more often. I have my eyes set on another colour (also a pink) from the Creme Lip Colour line. Maybe I’ll pick that one up closer to my birthday. :)

Laura Mercier lipsticks are available at Rustan’s for 995.00 Php. Have you tried anything new on a whim lately? :)

MAC Holiday Collection 2012: Glamourdaze, Small Vanity, and Lavish Rose

I know, I know, another holiday collection? Yup, I really seem to be buying into them lately! What’s funny is that I was most interested in getting something from the Shu Uemura x Karl Lagerfeld Mon Shu collection but I ended up with nothing from it at all. Everything looked great in the promo photos, but once I saw the products in front of me, I was just not as excited as I thought I would be. Maybe next year, Shu! Now the exact opposite happened to me with MAC’s Glamourdaze collection. I saw the promotions and thought they were pretty boring plus the gift sets didn’t look to be very good value for money. But when I saw the collection at the MAC counter, I fell in love with one of the lipsticks right away! I then saw a really great review of one of the blushes which looked like a really good match for the lipstick I wanted and I was pretty much sold on two items at that point…

MAC Small Vanity blush + Glamourdaze lipstick

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Packing Popcorn & A Pop of Purple!

I love receiving packages in the mail. Opening them always makes me feel as though it’s Christmas (but less dressed up—and the item was purchased by me, for me haha).

Today this little treat from arrived, wrapped in purple paper and nestled in some packing popcorn. Based on the shape and the website you may be able to guess what it is… but read on if you’d like to see photos!

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