Meeting The Queen and Other General Updates From London

Hello! So —

I have been in London for just over a month now and I wish I could tell you guys that I’ve been doing loads of beauty-related things. The reality is that I’ve been busy getting used to just surviving here and adjusting to school. It’s all going great, but it’s been a bit hectic. Anyway, the highlight of my month was definitely beauty-related: I met THE Lisa Eldridge at a book signing event! It was crazy. Let me tell you all about it and I’ll fill you in on a few other, less important,  things at the end — because really, what is more important than meeting Lisa Eldridge?

The Day I Met The Queen (Of Makeup)

IMG_2711Lisa hosted a signing for her new book, Face Paint: The Story of Makeup, at Hatchard’s in London. I made my way over to the book store right after my classes for the day ended and I was early so I milled around a bit before we were allowed to start queueing at 5pm. 

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Liv & Lisa

When I did my internship in New York last summer, I had the chance to assist at a fitting with Liv Tyler. I literally was introduced to her, and even saw her again two times after that first meeting. The ultimate kilig part? She actually remembered me and initiated the “hello” when I ran into her at the Stella (McCartney) shop. Anyway, I’ve talked about this tons of times with my friends (shamelessly!) so I won’t ramble on, but I do have to say/add that although I saw several actors while I was there, it was just so fitting that she was the one that I met properly. I’m not the type of person who goes crazy over celebrities—I rarely ever know the names of actors (aside from the big, mainstream ones) and I don’t often make the effort to follow Hollywood news or an actor’s career… but Liv Tyler is one personality who has always fascinated me, mostly because she’s the daughter of a rockstar and always seemed to have such a soft, shy, and almost insecure but also edgy aura about her. I guess delicate with an edge? I don’t know. Anyway, in person, she was just as lovely but complex as I had imagined she might seem—I say “seem” still since I obviously cannot know her from several encounters, but really, it was just so perfect for me to have met her.

Anyway (for the third time), the real point of this post is to share these amazing photos from Marie Claire UK with you:

Lisa Eldridge did Liv’s make-up in these photos (by Marc Hom) and Lisa is possibly my favourite internet make-up guru. The photos are a marriage of these two amazing people and I cannot get over how amazing the colored shot is most especially. Lisa also did Emma Watson’s make-up for that Elle November cover last year—the one where she has these fantastically thick, chunky lashes on both the upper and lower lashes. If you have a tumblr, you’ve probably seen these going around. But back to this set: it is just a perfect example of subtle but expertly done make-up. Liv (who was wearing not a single bit of make-up when I met her) doesn’t need much, so it would be a shame to overdo her, and it is also a tendency for MUAs to go crazy with her gorgeous lips. Here Lisa focused on her eyes and brought out that wonderful blue! The lips are understated but still full looking. And though there isn’t color in the second set, you can see the lovely shading there. I love it.

Lisa does make-up tutorials and they are awesome. Visit her here and do check out her gallery. This is one of my favourite videos, but they are all worth watching. :)

Ahhh, Liv and Lisa! ♥

Gold and Sparkly Christmas c/o Lisa Eldridge

Having a hectic week, but I really do feel that Christmas is finally nearing! And I know this because I’ve begun to obsessively think in a Christmas palette–I’m serious, everything in my mind is all about warm reds and greens, glitters and glowing gold, and sparkly, shiny silver. This goes for outfits, nail colors, decorations, and of course, make-up.

Now I always look forward to Lisa Eldridge’s make-up tutorials. She is by far my favourite make-up artist to follow; nobody even comes close. This is her latest video tutorial, which is a really nice and simple gold Christmas look. She always makes it look so easy!

Lisa does a lot of work on celebrities, and one cover look you might have seen that was done by her is Emma Watson’s cover for Elle UK. That photo got bounced around a lot, so I’m almost certain you’ve seen it. Will post that below along with another one of her party looks that was just really nice and polished.

Hope that inspired you as much as it did me! Her bright-lipped looks are also awesome and her “One Lipstick… Many different ways to wear” video is an absolute must-see! Check her out on youtube or at her blog! For now, I will go back to dreaming of Christmas while hopefully also getting some work done on my thesis.

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