A Gem of A Palete: Lorac Unzipped (Swatches)

DSC01858The Lorac Unzipped palette ($42) has been on my radar for a few years now. YouTubers talk about it a lot, but not half as often as they rave about the Lorac Pro palette. The Pro comes with eight matte and eight shimmery shades, while Unzipped comes with just three mattes seven shimmers.

Last year I excitedly added the original Pro (there is now a second version) to my collection and learned the hard way that more eyeshadows and a greater number of matte shades does not a  better palette make. I wrote about it in this post and since then I have been able to use the Pro palette, but not very often.

Despite the so-so experience I had with the Pro palette, I couldn’t get the Unzipped palette out of my mind. The shades looked so buttery, so vibrant… and much more interesting than those of the popular Urban Decay NAKED 3 palette, which also features rosy pinks heavily.

DSC01863As you may have surmised by now, I did finally go and get my own Lorac Unzipped palette. It’s beautiful, as you can see, and OMG guys — wait until you see the swatches (if you haven’t seen them on other blogs yet, that is). You’ll be drooling over this palette fo shizzle. 

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3CE Lipstick in Vamp

Hey guys! So here’s the first of the products I got in my BNT Girls box– a really vampy lipstick! :)

A little background info on the brand first: 3CE stands for “3 Concept Eyes” Cosmetics. It’s Stylenanda‘s makeup line that launched back in 2009 and to be honest–I had no clue what Sylenanda was, so I had to search that as well. Hehe! Turns out it’s this super cool Korean brand/website that reminds me a little bit of ASOS, but with a distinctly Korean edge. I loved looking through the clothes so if you’re into KPop or Korean style in general, go check it out! :)

The makeup line, 3CE, aims to create range of styles based on three basic colours: pink, beige, and orange. The whole range of products looks really great; somehow edgy and classy at the same time. I was once again reminded of another brand because of the styling–American Apparel. Their very limited range of beauty items, at least. Anyway, today I have the 3CE lipstick in Vamp* to share with you guys.3CEVThe design on the box packaging is pretty unique. It definitely caught my eye the moment I opened the box! I checked the name of the shade on the bottom before even opened the box, so I was already really excited to see that it was called “Vamp.” I’d been lusting after a few vampy reds in stores but obviously have been unable to buy them because of my makeup ban (this is the last month, btw! Yay!). 
3CEV1I was surprised to find that the lipstick packaging itself is not a rounded bullet. It’s a chunky rectangular thing that fits very snugly into the box. I’m not sure I like how large it actually is, but I really like that it doesn’t slide around when I put it down on a table, hehe. The finish on the packaging is a nice demi-matte and the logo of 3CE is pretty uhm, groovy. That triangle is all misshapen on purpose, y’all. 

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I’m a BNT Girl!


I have an exciting announcement to make today! I’m officially part of a small beauty editors group for BNT News International. Check out that badge! ;) BNT is a news website based in the UK that focuses on everything K-Pop. As a BNT Girl, I have the privilege of receiving a box of beauty goodies once a month and my mission is to tell you guys all about what’s inside.

This project launched a couple of months ago and if you follow Carina of Softly Sometimes, you’ll already know about it. There are also several other BNT Girls across Asia. :)

I’m really excited to get this going. If you want to see a little peek of the box, click though! ;) 

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Guerlain Ecrin 4 Couleurs: Le Bois de Rose

After I bought Turandot, I knew I wanted more Guerlain eyeshadows in my life. What’s funny is that I’ve always wanted a Dior 5-shadow palette, not Guerain stuff, but I never end up buying Dior palettes for one reason or another. Anyway, Les Bois de Rose is my second Guerlain 4-colour palette. It’s more cool-toned than I would normally go for, but I was looking to try some pink eyeshadows and was not adventurous enough to go all-out and get Les RosesLBDRThere are times when I wish I did go for Les Roses, but I grew to love Les Bois de Rose over time. The four shades balance each other out nicely, with that rose pink in the center being the only really pink shade in the palette. The shimmery white has a pinkish undertone, while the other two shades are purple-y taupes. It’s put together beautifully and you can create so many looks with this combination of colours. 

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Review: Urban Decay NAKED Skin Foundation

It’s very rare that I give an unfavorable review. Products that disappoint me usually just disappear into the back of a drawer or gather dust in some remote corner of my dresser. I really should start writing about them, though, as I myself find it useful when I read negative reviews of a product online. I don’t think it’s worth revisiting most of the products that have disappointed me (maybe just an eyeshadow duo from a certain brand I love… we’ll see), but this particular foundation is something I almost have to talk about because it’s Urban Decay and because I made considerable efforts to get my hands on it. I’ll be as objective as I can be in reviewing this, but this is unavoidably based on personal experiences and preferences. UDNS1The Urban Decay Naked Skin foundation ($39.00) is meant to give “coverage without compromise.” It comes in an impressive range of 18 different shades that cover the lightest porcelain to the darkest ebony, keeping both pink and yellow (cool and warm) undertones in mind. UD says: “Our weightless formula blurs imperfections for a flawless finish that feels invisible, but looks professionally retouched.”

So as a consumer, you can expect an airbrushed finish without that heavy foundation feel. It’s supposed to give a demi-matte (so it’s suppose to look natural) finish with a buildable coverage. Temptalia gave this foundation a rating of A… do I agree? 

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