From Madrid to Manila: Menina Step Is Here 

When I found out that Menina Step, a shoe brand of Spanish origin, was coming to Manila, I was excited to say the least. Flats might be available available in abundance, but they’re also the easiest to get totally wrong.  Give me a crappy pair and I’ll feel just that–crappy. Give me a good pair of flats and I will feel as amazing as I would in a pair of stilettos. That’s how I feel in my Meninas.
Menina Step shoes are exquisite. They are handcrafted in Spain by leather artisans and they come in a wide variety of classy flat styles. They are also extremely comfortable to wear; The best thing about genuine leather shoes? They mould to fit your feet like a strangely misplaced glove.

I feel kick-ass and classy in my Meninas, and I’m so very happy to be able to give you guys a preview of the pair I wore at a photoshoot for the brand recently.


Venue: Aruga by Rockwell


Rockwell also happens to be the location for Menina Step’s pop-up launch on May 30 & 31. More details about that at the end of this post! 

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Food and Friends — and Beer, Too

It is extremely difficult to get my barkada (Tagalog for “group of friends”) together, so when five out of eight of us can make it to dinner, it feels like it’s an event. Yesterday we were finally able to get together for some good food and good beer at Draft in Fort Bonifacio. 
Draft is probably one of the best places in Manila to go if you want a good beer. While I’m no expert on beer, I do prefer it over hard liquor, cocktails, and even wine, so it’s high up there on my list of favourite drinking places for sure. They don’t just serve beer, though, it being a “gastropub.” Their food menu is excellent as well and though we didn’t order them last night, the Angry Drunk Mussels is probably the dish of the restaurant in my opinion. I didn’t get to take many photos (I always get distracted and lazy) but here are me and Lexa enjoying our orders before the others arrived!

Me, Alexa — this was obviously taken after I had devoured my meal, haha. 

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