WEIL-y Good: Dr. Andrew Weil for Origins

My skin has been behaving well lately. It’s extremely rare that I get to say that (I fear jinxing it as I type this!) and even more rare that I can say so in describing long stretches of time. It’s been a long while since I had any major skin problems and while I think that is in large part because there is less stress in my life, I also think that incorporating some of the Dr.Weil for Origins skincare line into my routine has helped effect this change.dsc09545I discovered the line when I was desperately trying to remedy some nasty red, painful patches on my face caused by an over-zealous application of Elica cream on skin asthma rashes. Elica (a steroidal cream) usually cures ALL — and true enough my itchy patches were gone — but instead I was left with painful redness instead.

As I was already a fan of Origins’ other face masks, I decided that giving the Mega-Mushroom Skin Relief Mask would be a safe bet. The WEIL range is quite pricey (especially outside the USA) and if not for the convenient travel-size packs Origins sells at Selfridges, I never would have paid for the full-sized tube. Now that I’ve tried it out though, I think it’s worth every penny / centavo. Every single time I use that mask, I wake up with glowing, supple, healthy skin. I don’t use the mask often — I like to save it for the night before a special day or event.

The Mega-Bright Spot Correcting Night Mask is something I decided to pick up for those nights when I want a heavier cream on my face. It has vitamin C in it, which will help lighten dark spots over time. I like it a lot, but I tend to forget that I have it (just because it’s in a heavy tub that somehow ends up hiding behind all of my taller products). On most nights, I like using something lighter to moisturise my skin, like a serum. The Dr. Weil serum is nice (had a sample, as you can see above), but I never repurchased it because it is so pricey. dsc09533Instead, I ended up buying a full size of the Mega-Mushroom Skin Relief Soothing Treatment Lotion. It’s a treatment lotion with a light consistency (just a tad thicker than water) but it packs a punch. I use it almost nightly and sometimes in the morning when my skin is feeling dull. dsc09534The treatment lotion supposedly defends skin against “silent skin agers.” My question is: what are skin agers that aren’t silent? Lol. All I know is that it makes my skin feel soft, healthy, and maintain just the right levels of moisture. From time to time I will supplement it with heavier night creams, but this is perfect for daily use.

So I obviously haven’t tried every product from the Dr. Weil for Origins range, but if these three items are any indicator, then I’m willing to bet the entire line is pretty damn impressive. It doesn’t hurt that the shades of green Origins uses for the packaging on this line are gorgeous!

Have you tried any of the other products from this line?

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