Virginia Olsen Minerals — Sample Swatches!

I used to be one of those people who just wrote mineral makeup off without giving it a chance. This was, of course, before Ellana came into my life and when I still had very little exposure to mineral makeup other than one Bare Minerals blush I owned. Now that mineral makeup is a lot more accessible (again, mostly because of Ellana Cosmetics!), I actually gravitate towards mineral makeup. I mean, if something can be kick-ass and safer for your skin at the same time, go for it! Still, mineral makeup can be a hit-and-miss affair, so when Virginia Olsen sent over some loose mineral eyeshadows for me to try, I was curious to see how they would perform. VOME1I had heard of Virginia Olsen before from websites like Zalora, but I was mostly interested in their brushes. They sent me some eyeshadow samples though, which I was very happy to receive and play around with. I have the shades Darling, Innocence, Champage, and Gunmetal, which are all quite standard shades except for Darling, which is a light matte pink–not something I see very often in loose eyeshadow form. They have a huge selection though and they are very affordable at just 165.00Php a pop! I have my eyes on some of the brighter and deeper shades, like Donnarence and Planet
VOME2Swatched on my arm with no primer underneath: Darling, Innocence, Champagne, and Gun Metal. It took me a while to figure out that primer would help the shades show much better, but used dry they are still pretty impressive. For a light matte shade, Darling is pretty smooth. I can’t use it all over the lid alone because my skin tone is too deep, but it makes for a great brightening base or a brow bone highlight. Innocence is a pretty shimmery pink; it reminds me of Barbie box packaging and plastic accessories (in a good way). Champagne is the winner of the bunch and the swatch doesn’t do it justice–it really does look like yellow champagne and when packed onto the lid, it glows like a backlit bottle of bubbly. Gun Metal is your standard blackened silvery…gunmetal grey. It’s a shade every makeup lover has to own in some form or another, I think. I don’t do smokey eyes with this type of shade very often anymore, but I’m glad to have it in my stash!

Overall I was impressed with the quality of these loose eyeshadows. The obvious drawback is that they are not pressed and so working with them is a little messy and they won’t be the most convenient to store. But the quality is there and the price point is awesome! Again, they have very interesting and unique looking shades on the Virginia Olsen website, so go check them out! :) You can also find them on Facebook!

Ellana Loose Mineral Powder Foundation* in Cafe Mocha

LMF1If you only buy one product from Ellana Cosmetics (but really, why would you do that?), make it the Loose Mineral Powder Foundation (460.00 Php for 6g). It’s not Ellana’s best-selling product for no reason. This super blendable, medium (but buildable) coverage powder foundation blurs pores, sits lightly on skin, and wears extremely well in Philippine weather.

This will be a lengthy post because I had a lot to say about this foundation. I think every bit is worth knowing though, so I hope you can power through the text! If not, I do think the photos will speak for themselves, too. Enjoy! :)

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Ellana Mineral Cosmetics: Let’s Make It Last Makeup Primer*

LMIL1Ellana’s Let’s Make It Last Primer (450.00 Php for 30g)** is a silicone-based liquid primer that is “designed to hold your makeup and control oil all day.” This primer smooths over pores and fills fine lines with “light-diffusing minerals.” While it’s meant to prime the surface for mineral powder foundation, I’ve tested this under liquid foundations as well and it does help to extend wear in general. What is interesting about this primer is that while it controls oil, it also nourishes the skin at the same time. One of the ingredients is Argan Oil–the Moroccan liquid gold that has gained popularity over the past couple of years (for good reason). So when you use this primer, it’s working double-time for you by holding your base of the day in place and looking to the future by nourishing your skin. How awesome is that?

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