Revlon Super Lustrous Lipstick

RCB1While Revlon is without a doubt my favourite drugstore makeup brand, I only had one lipstick from this particular range of lippies before last week. What happened? A sale happened. Lol. The Super Lustrous Lipsticks went from 450.00 Php (a reasonable price to begin with) to 350.00 Php, so I picked up four new ones to join Pink In The Afternoon, which I have had for over a year now.

There was no rhyme or reason to the way I chose these shades… they just kind of called out to me. I also only picked shades in two of the four finishes the range has to offer: shine and creme. The other two are matte and pearl. Again, no real reason for it… just was not in the mood for mattes, I suppose. They are supposed to be excellent in formulation though! RCB2Two pinks, two plum/berry shades, and a brown. Mink, a beige shade with neutral-cool brown undertones, is by far the most interesting of these shades (to me). On anyone darker than me, this would make a very nice nude. On my skintone or on lighter skintones, it screams 90s, which I kind of love. Plum Velour and Berry Couture are typical choices for me, while Pink Sizzle is a bit outside of my comfort zone. Pink In the Afternoon, which again I have had for some time already, is a shade that will work on everyone but in different ways. 

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