My Socal Shoppe Goodie: LORAC Fan Favorite Duo

LP1Early in January, Elaine of My Socal Shoppe sent me my very first taste of LORAC Cosmetics. Best-known for its Pro Palette, LORAC is one of the (many) amazing cosmetics brands that isn’t locally available. Elaine works with her partner Aiza (based in the US) to bring in goodies that everyone totally wants but just can’t get without hopping on a plane all the way to the US. They carry the most interesting stuff (which you can see on Facebook and on their Instagram page) but of course I’m most interested in the makeup! Hehe :)

Elaine was sweet enough to ask about what brands I’d be interested in seeing and I gave my input gladly! What she sent was a total surprise though and it was a great one. I have always wanted to test stuff from LORAC and this set that contains an eyeshadow (Pewter, apparently the most popular shade from the Pro Palette) and an eyeliner is the perfect way to start. So thank you times a million, Elaine!:) I’m enjoying these thoroughly. I may just want that oh-so-popular palette after this experience. Have a look-see! 

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