An O.K. Product: NARS Dual-Intensity Blush in Craving (Review)

NARS, to my mind, has always been the cool kid on the block. He’s got the good looks and the “it factor”, but when you dig down deep and get to what’s on the inside — he’s not all he’s cracked up to be. Laura Mercier, on the other hand, is the unassuming, simple girl who happens to pack a punch despite her plain Jane appearances.

François and Laura are the stars of my imagined world of personified makeup (because the token bad boy and sweet girl figures are the bare bones of any clichè story, obvs), but there’s also Bobbi (Brown) — the clean-cut preppy girl who cares way too much following the rules — and Pierre (Guerlain) — the snooty rich, foreign guy who drives a Lambo and vacations at Turks and Caicos in the summer.

Other than Holy Shit I want it all, I want it aaaallll, this is the kind of stuff that I think about when I’m walking through Rustan’s beauty section. I can’t be the only one… so — care to add some character write-ups in the comments section? I’ve thought the whole set through, including “younger” brands like Benefit and MAC, but it should be fun to her how other people view brands, personified. ;)

DSC01867Anyway, yes. I am primarily here today to talk about a NARS product. The NARS Dual-Intensity Blush ($45 / approx. 2,450 Php) is another one of the products that I picked up from my trip to the U.S. in May. I was seriously considering the dual-intensity eyeshadows as well, but for one reason or another I ended up with this bugger instead.

It looks cool, as is always the case with NARS products, but it’s also got a hefty price tag attached. I’m always hesitant to drop money on NARS’s skin products (only the Audacious lipsticks have fully impressed me), but I thought I would take a chance on the dual-intensity products because they’re relatively new and rated pretty well by other bloggers. 

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NARS Audacious Lipsticks Review (Deborah & Vivien)

P1160020Hello, dear beauty junkies! :) Happy Sunday! Today I’m going to talk about the NARS Audacious Lipsticks (1,650. Php), which I have in the shades Deborah and Vivien. NARS released 40 (!) shades in this formula in celebration of their 20th anniversary. It was difficult to choose which shades to get as there were just so many to pick from, but it was easy to eliminate half before the selection process even began because those 20 were much too light. Still, from the remaining 20, it was an effort to make a shortlist of 10 shades (btw, I used Temptalia’s overview of all the shades to aid the narrowing down process).

When I visited the NARS counter to try the shades, I was disappointed by Liv and Ingrid, which are shades that I think a lot of people were really excited about. They were a bit difficult to work with and I had also just purchased MAC Smoked Plum, so I couldn’t justify picking up either shade. Another colour I thought I was set on but did not end up getting was Audrey, which is described as a “muted, warm-toned reddish-plum.” It just pulled way too red on me, and so Vivien (also muted, but more on the plum end) was what I picked up instead. As for Deborah, which is a “chestnut” shade… well, read on to find out why I picked her up. ;)

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Dolce Vita, Dolce Vita, Dolce Vita

Well hello again, personal blog! I’ve been absent for almost four months now, mainly relying on Tumblr to satisfy my blogging needs, but I really should get back to you and keep you updated. Now that Christmas is coming up, I should have a ton of lovely things to write about. For now though, here’s a drafted post that I just never got around to publishing:

[Written in August!] Made a quick trip to Shangri-La this morning to do some errands, and I decided it was time to use up the last of my Rustan’s GCs. I was initially thinking of getting Jungle Red, but as you are about to see, I love Dolce Vita so much that I had to purchase three different products in that very same colour!

I have NARS Dolce Vita in three different forms–the blush, the velvet matte lip stick, and the regular lipstick! A lot of people say that Dolce Vita is a universally flattering shade, and I can see how that might be true. It’s a very safe color; it can swing between warm and cool skin tones very easily and it is subtle yet there enough to make its presence known. As much as I love the color, the blush is not my everyday blush. I use it more for the evening and for when I want to have a deep, warm glow just under my cheekbones. Even though the velvet matte lipstick and the lipstick are both lip colors, they do have different effects. The velvet matte lipstick goes on more opaque and (obviously) more matte. It’s great for casual nights out when I want my lips to look healthy. It never competes with eye make-up either. The lipstick (which I just got) is actually quite sheer, but as I’ve said, it’s also very obviously present. This is perfect for day time use!

This past year I seem to have developed a real love for NARS (though Shu Uemura beats it out for overall favourite brand). I also have the Orgasm multiple, which was a Christmas present from my dearest boyfriend, and the cult favourite really does live up to everything that everyone says about it. The one thing I don’t like about NARS is that their lipsticks have quite a small amount of product in the tubes, and they’re not exactly cheap. But for the blushes, I can’t find a reason to complain. They last forever and they are always amazing to apply! This Christmas, I’m eyeing another lippie:

This is Joyous Red! It’s a part of their Christmas collection so it’s limited edition. I hope that doesn’t mean it’s more pricey. Will have to check on that. I do however want to try out some other brands soon, such as Chanel and YSL, so my purchasing this is not all that certain just yet. Joyous Red looks much more appealing than Jungle Red (a part of their permanent range) which I was thinking of getting before. Of course I also have to consider that I don’t wear red lipstick very often because they are so strong… this looks very wearable though, don’t you think?

Gosh, I can just go on and on about make-up, can’t I? It’s an obsession, I tell you! Anyway, I promise to get back with something else very soon. Must focus on school first and foremost!

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