Three from 3CE

Thank goodness for random 25% off sales and for the fact that Luxola carries 3CE. I already have a lipstick, gel eyeliner, and soft pencil liner from the brand from when I was still part of the BNT Girl program and I love all three of those things. Since then I have been eyeing loads of other 3CE things but haven’t picked anything up for one reason or another. When I saw the Luxola e-mail notifying me of a sale on the week before my birthday, I took it as a sign to finally pop the items I’d been eyeing into my shopping cart. P1170900I placed the order on Tuesday and by Thursday the parcel had arrived at my doorstep. If you follow me on instagram, you might have seen the post in which I expressed my happiness about that. Fast shipping is da bomb, you guys. That wasn’t the only awesome thing about this order though as aside from the 25% off I got on the eyeshadows, I ended up paying only 277.00 Php (!!!) for the Lip Color, which usually goes for 1.046.00 Php. I’m not sure if the huge discount was a fluke, but the sale price went back up to around 700Php the next time I checked the site and is at the time of this writing totally gone. Whatever the case is, I’ll take it as an early birthday gift! 

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NOTD: DIY Duochrome!

…sort of! I layered OPI’s The Show Must Go On over a dark purple Faceit polish (PP405). They’re both glittery but the Face Shop nail polish was a bit too dark on its own so I thought that one coat of sheer red glitter over top would look nice. The result was this duochrome-like finish wherein the purple shows from under the red depending on the lighting and angle. I did my best to photograph it here and I think you can see the purple pretty well where the sunlight hits! :)

The last glittery polish I wore was OPI’s Just Spotted the Lizard which I will wear any time of the year, but otherwise I stick to creme finishes when it isn’t the holiday season. So this pretty much means I’m 95% in the Christmas-y mood already. Wuhoo!

NOTD: Sally Hansen “Thinking of Blue”

A very straightforward royal blue which looks much darker in indoor lighting than it does here in natural light. I didn’t expect to like this kind of blue on my nails, but I guess there’s a time and place for everything and I feel like true blues are making a comeback soon. The Sally Hansen Salon Manicure line features a very wide brush which makes painting your nails a breeze. Topcoat is Orly glosser!

NOTD: China Glaze Purr-fect Plum!

After a month of slaving over books and struggling with final exams, I am finally on sem break! The first thing I did was go out and have a beer with my block (last night), but I made sure to treat myself to a mani-pedi + footspa this afternoon!

Purr-fect Plum is from China Glaze’s Safari collection. The colour is purrfect indeed, especially for the autumn/fall season! I love it! Sorry for all the shine on the nails, I am just not the best photographer, haha but you can see that the colour on the nails comes out just a tiny bit darker than it looks in the bottle. :)

NOTD: Max Factor Max Effect in #26: “Cappuccino”

Mini bottle of Max Factor’s Max Effect nail polish, which is a new formula from the brand. I like that they sell all colours in the regular sized bottles or the mini sizes, because sometimes you know you’re not going to be using a particular shade all the time. They’re also good to travel with! The mini ones are 175.00php. :)

I know, I know, I just wore grey! In my defense I would say this is more of a taupe and not grey. Haha! So strange that this shade is called “Cappuccino.” If my coffee were that colour, I know I’d be scared! On my nails though, I like it a lot. :)

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