Checking In

Hello – it’s been a while! I didn’t want to jump right back into beauty reviews after the little unintended hiatus I took, so I thought I would do a little catching up post first.

Life (outside of beauty blogging) has been quite chill and all sorts of happy of late. Allow me to remind anyone who missed the news that I officially found myself free of the clutches of law school in March, but I began moving my life’s direction away from it in October of last year. I still often think of life in terms of “when I was suffering in law school” and “life after the inferno law school” because it was that traumatising. But! I did slowly start to feel more like myself again once I allowed myself to really let go.

I had forgotten, while in law school, how good life can be. I started reading again — and I mean really reading, because six hours a day dedicated to reading cases is nothing compared to a solid hour or two with some real literature. I have time to write now, and along with reading that nourishes my soul. I can also finally focus on my health by making my yoga practice a priority for the sake of both my physical and spiritual wellbeing. And thanks to all of those things, I stopped being so angry all the time.

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