Sephora Jumbo Liner Review + Some (super duper exciting) Beauty News

When I was 17 I had one Sephora powder eyeshadow. It was a shimmery moss green that wasn’t the best quality, but at the time I didn’t know it and I didn’t really care. I would just sweep it over my lids and I can’t even recall if it looked good… I just knew that I liked it. Haha! At that age my knowledge of makeup covered eyeliners and the use of an eyelash curler. Eyeshadows were new territory for me. I picked out a Sephora one because their in-store displays are simple and straight to the point.

I never really went beyond the Sephora brand stuff when I was younger simply because I didn’t know any better. Soon enough though, I fell in love with some Shu Uemura products. After that, I explored so many other brands that Sephora Collection stuff just faded from my mind. Of course the store itself became makeup paradise for me, but my focus was on every other brand because there are just so many and there are so many other amazing products to try. SJP1This Jumbo Liner is the first Sephora Collection item I’ve purchased since that green eyeshadow from so many years ago. I grabbed it because I was staring at the Make Up For Ever Aqua Shadows and I was getting so frustrated at how expensive they were. I couldn’t justify spending 22 Euro (was in Paris) on one eyeshadow, so I paid 8 Euro for the Sephora liner instead. Strange how the prices in USD are so different but I remember the price difference distinctly because I was so shocked at the huge gap.

The Jumbo Liners came in a small range of shades in the particular branch I was at so I went with 07 Brown– a safe option.

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Beauty Chit Chat | Sept 9, 2013

Apologies for the long absence! Things at school have been a bit hectic of late as we’re making up for all of that time we lost when there was a storm last month. Make up classes galore! And not the kind of makeup I love, unfortunately (wow that was corny). So anyway, I have quite the backlog of posts in my drafts folder but I can’t stand to publish things that aren’t quite ready yet, so I thought I would just talk at random a bit. Still about makeup/beauty of course!

I’m only 9 days into my 4-month makeup no-buy and it’s kind of getting to me. I now avoid makeup stores because I get all sad when I look at the products. Announcements of makeup launches for fall are also killing me. Even watching my favourite Youtubers’ videos is starting to become a little difficult because all the makeup just looks so puhretty on them… and now I can’t help but wonder: did I really buy makeup so often that a ban can give me these withdrawal-like symptoms? It’s hilarious in a sad, sad way. Lol.

Before the ban started, I did make it a point to purchase some essentials that I anticipated I would run out of within the next four months. MBPPromise that wasn’t just an excuse to go and buy stuff! I just honestly would not be able to function properly if I ran out of any of these things. It’s not an exclusive bunch, but again, these are things I’m running out of already so I thought stocking up would be wise.

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COLLECTION Lasting Perfection Ultimate Wear Concealer || Review

LPC1The Collection Cosmetics Lasting Perfection Concealer is a product that has developed a pretty big following on YouTube and with beauty bloggers in both the UK and US because of its exceptional performance and (very) low price point. Just recently the brand came into the Philippine market (available at SM department stores and Landmark’s beauty section) and thankfully the prices have stayed nice and affordable. I picked this up for 299.00 Php at Landmark about two weeks ago and have been using it daily ever since. So, does it really provide the “ultimate wear” of concealer for up to 16 (!!) hours? 

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Rave Review: theBalm’s Put A Lid On It!

theBalm is a cosmetics brand that I loved from the moment I first set eyes on their packaging. The first products I actually picked up and tried were the liquid Time Balm concealer and the Shady Lady eyeshadow palette (Vol. 2) and from then on it was not just love but obsession. Not that obsession is greater than love but… you get the point. Huge plus that their products are paraben free and the company is cruelty-free (they don’t test on animals). If you visit their website, you’ll see Wheezie the pug in the upper right corner, and if you read about theBalm’s team, you’ll see a love for dogs runs in the company. So adorable. I like getting to know brands like theBalm…
TBP1…by both reading about their company and buying their stuff, like Put A Lid On It (625Php), their uh-mazing eyelid primer. The packaging is, as usual, super cute but the real best part about all of theBalm’s products that I’ve tried is that what’s inside the packaging is even better. 

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Video Review: K Palette Zero Kuma Concealer (Type 1)

178323_391946584175733_1882280643_oIt’s been raining non-stop for a couple of days now and I hope you all are safe and dry! Don’t leave your house unless you absolutely have to. I’ve heard that so many roads are impassable at the moment. Your health and safety are more important than most jobs out there. Really.

Anyway, on a completely unrelated note, here’s something for you to watch on this dreary morning. I finally had some time to film this review of the K Palette Zero Kuma concealer (895.00 Php) that I mentioned in my July Favourites post.


I hope this is helpful to those who have struggled to find a use for this concealer. This definitely isn’t the one and only way to use it–that’s part of the beauty (and hassle) of makeup, really. Not every product will work in the same way for different people. If you do use this concealer for different purposes, feel free to share it in the comments section. :)

Stay safe, everyone!

MAC Pro Longwear Paint Pot in Eclair || Review

MEC2The Pro Longwear Paint Pot in Eclair was launched with MAC’s Baking Beauties collection for Spring/Summer 2013. It’s the only item from the collection that I had any real interest in and I bought it very soon after getting my first Paint Pot, Vintage Selection. Eclair received only praises from Christine of, whose opinions and reviews (as I’ve mentioned many times before) I trust and rely on heavily when I’m thinking of any purchase that I’m not 100% sure of.

Eclair was actually a shade of the PLPP that I had been thinking of purchasing even before Vintage Selection. I swatched it so many times and at so many different MAC counters while I was abroad in May, and I noticed that it was sold out nearly everywhere so I figured it must be good. I didn’t buy it right away though because (as I said) it was always sold out and I was also trying to only buy products that I wouldn’t be able to find at home. After trying Vintage Selection and loving the PLPP texture, I knew that Eclair was a colour I just had to have.

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Mary Kay Translucent Loose Powder || Review

Happy Monday, everyone! :) Hope your long weekend was loads of fun! I spent mine catching up with some friends, which meant actually going out to clubs. Now I’m not the clubbing type of girl at all– I really much prefer sitting down at a bar for a beer– but I was happy to see friends that I hadn’t seen in a really long time, so going home with hair that smelled of smoke was worth it naman. Going out also gives me an excuse to wear heavier makeup than I normally would and I get to test how photogenic certain foundations or powders are. Clubs are also usually packed with people and the environment can make one sweaty in no time, so a good setting powder really is imperative. This past weekend I took the MaryKay Translucent Loose Powder* (800.00Php) for a spin.


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Skin Diaries: July 14, 2013

It’s been two weeks since I was supposed to go see my dermatologist for another check up (bad patient, bad!). I have classes during the week and my derma’s hours are just not the best for my schedule, so it’s been a struggle to even set an appointment… but I have been keeping up the regimen she gave me and while I do still have pimples (mostly on my forehead), I have noticed that my skin is happier in general.

SC1I use the Hydra Balance Gentle Cream Cleanser and the Superskin 2 Toner in the morning and at night. At night I also apply the acne medicine I was prescribed while in the morning I make sure to wear SPF before I go anywhere. The cleanser and toner are both great and I would definitely recommend them to anyone who has combination skin. The cleanser never dries out the drier areas of my face too much and neither does it leave the oilier areas too slick. The toner on the other hand makes my skin feel hyper clean and I can really feel it attacking any existing pimples.

Aside from the actual products being pretty darn good, having a set routine is generally a very good thing for anyone’s skin. It’s just kind of difficult to implement one when you’re used to trying out different products all the time, as I have always been wont to do. Hehe! Your skin hasn’t fully reacted to a product until you’ve been using it consistently for six months, apparently. Can’t remember where I heard that but it does make sense. So this skin dilemma has been good to me in that aspect, I suppose.

As for the makeup I’ve been using after the change, I started by just using much thinner layers of the products I already have and also using a setting spray (UD’s DeSlick). That made a difference for sure but I did still have to pull out the blotting papers sheets often during the day. On a side note, the Clean & Clear blotting sheets are the only ones I use. Any other brand just sucks when compared. I then decided it was time to look for a good setting/blot powder. The one I have been using is a sheer pressed powder that I can take with me for touch ups throughout the day. I have been using it to set my face at the beginning of the day too and it has made the biggest difference. Post on that product coming up soon! :)

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