Playing With Makeup: Lorde Edition

LordeThe song “Royals” isn’t to my taste (seems like everyone is loving it though) but I did really like Lorde’s makeup in the music video, so I wanted to try it out on myself. Didn’t get the cleanest lines, but it was a first attempt! It’s a nice twist on winged eyeliner and I definitely had a few people ask me what was going on with my eyeliner (I’d like to think that’s a good thing haha). 

Check out the music video:

I didn’t go sharp enough, but I liked the slight curve on my eyes! Here’s a screenshot if you don’t want to play a video: 

Screen Shot 2013-10-14 at 12.25.57 PMEh. Ok, so I’m quite a bit off! Will give it a go again another time! 

If you want to try this look, Jen of FromHeadToToe made a nice tutorial. Check that out by clicking here!


Playing With Makeup (Oct. 13, 2013)

When I do my makeup, I tend to work on my skin first, followed by my eyes, then my lips, and I finish off with cheek products. I spend the most time working on my eyes, letting the eye makeup dictate or influence the rest of the look. Based on what I’ve done with my eyes, I pick a lip colour to complement the look and a blush to tie it all in. I do that for the simple reason that I like playing up my eyes the most. They’re my favourite part of my face and I have always loved a heavier eye paired with a fairly neutral or safe lip colour.

Today, I decided to change it up a bit by starting with a lipstick and letting that influence the rest of my face. I made it a point to pick a shade that I hardly ever wear, and the first lippie I puled out was MAC’s Speak Louder, which is a pink-red with subtle blue undertones. I put it on, looked at how it was working with my skin on this particular day, and decided I wasn’t into it, hehe. It happens, okay! The next lippie I pulled out was Clinique’s Chubby Stick Intense in Plushest Punch, a bold, juicy-looking raspberry pink that I really don’t use often enough. And that’s what I went with!

PWM1After finishing my base, I applied my lipstick before any eye makeup, which might be standard for some, but not me. That is always what I do (and what I recommend you do) when wearing a bright or bold lip colour, though. Seeing the shade on your lips first will help you decide what colours you’re going to use on the rest of your face to balance it out. See what look I ended up with after the jump!

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