REVEL Is Calling For Contributors!

REVEL, the online magazine that I co-manage with my friends is calling for contributors! Details below:

Do YOU have something to say?

Want to share your music, art, or photography?
Talk to us through to tell us you want in!

Submission Guidelines:
1. You can write about ANYTHING as long as it falls under the following columns: Art, Beauty, Causes, Fashion, Inspiration, Music, Pop Culture, Science, Travel & Lifestyle
2. Articles must not be longer than 800 words
3. Photos, Illustrations, and other visual artwork should NOT contain offensive material and discrimination of any kind. If you are submitting a photo that you do not own, be sure to properly cite it!
4. Content is subject to review and approval by the REVEL team. Should there be a need for revision, the REVEL team will contact you via email

Let us know if you’re interested by August 17 (Friday)!

Article submission deadline is August 24 (Friday)!

*Photo by Matthew Lee!

I manage the beauty column for REVEL, but there are other columns as well, all open to submissions! :) I suggest you check out the site to see it for yourselves! And of course I sincerely hope you like it. :)
REVEL main website:



REVEL is an online magazine that I co-manage with some of my good friends from way back in high school! :) We write/produce this just for fun, with the intention of sharing our (incredibly) varied interests with the world. I handle the beauty column, but the other columns include travel, arts, the sciences, and fashion too of course! We also feature an advocacy each month in an effort to raise awareness about causes that are close to our hearts. We are a young magazine and we’re still figuring a lot of things out, but we hope to grow into a community with actively involved readers. :)

Originally the idea was to do a quarterly magazine, but we have decided to go MONTHLY! It will involve a lot more work on our part but it will most definitely be worth it!

ISSUE #2 COMES OUT THIS COMING SUNDAY, AUGUST 5! In the meantime do check out our first issue, which is still up at! :)

[FB promo text:] WARNING! WARNING! IT’S SIGNAL NO. 2— I mean, ISSUE NO. 2 because REVEL Magazine is brewing up a storm of new reads THIS AUGUST. Yeah, you read it right, THIS AUGUST. We’re going MONTHLY! 

So, let’s all do the rain dance this Sunday, AUGUST 5, and we’ll take you to that pot of gold at the end of the rainbow. :)

Just log on to and let the rain pour down!

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