The Beauty Bee Awards: Best of 2013!

BBAIt’s time to go through my Beauty favourites for 2013! :) I had a difficult time choosing between products, so I thought it would be fun to present the “winners” alongside the other products that nearly made it. I love everything shown here, but the winners have been consistent faves throughout the year (or at least since I acquired them).

I didn’t limit myself to any number of categories, but I ended up with a nice round number: 10. The winners/faves are named in the photo and my little bee mascot can be seen hovering close to them. Let’s have a look! :) 

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Swatched: Rimmel Lasting Finish by Kate Lipstick in 09 and 104

Hello, everyone! :) Happy (end of) Sunday to y’all! Today was rather gloomy but I hope you still found ways to enjoy it. I’m feeling slightly under the weather but I wanted to share photos of these lipsticks with you guys. I love looking at them and I love talking about makeup. If you’re reading this then chances are that the same sort of thing cheers you up, too. Enjoy!

KFR1I first heard of the Kate Moss for Rimmel lippies from Zoella. She’s all about the reds from this range, but there are tons of other shades available too. I picked up #19 when I was abroad, which is a very wearable warm rose. It seems to be a limited edition shade because I can’t find it listed on the Rimmel website. Sad. But anyway, I liked the formula so much that I couldn’t say no to getting a couple of other colours when I saw that bonmarchepage was selling them for just 260Php.
KFR2The Lasting Finish lippies come in either red or black packaging. Red indicates the matte finish and black the regular finishes (either glossy or satin but all with high colour pay-off). I find them to be equally gorgeous and I adore the crown logo embossed onto the top of the cover.

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