POREfection! Benefit’s Agent Zero Shine

Benefit is one (mainstream/larger) brand that does not get a lot of love on my blog. Every experience I’ve had with their products in the past was either so-so (Erase Paste, POREfessional primer, the brow kits, benetint, high beam) or just horrible (You Rebel tinted moisturizer). To be fair, I have never tried what they are most known for: their box blushes. Neither have I had the chance to pick up any lip product or eyeshadow (the reformulations are supposedly amazing), so my knowledge of the brand is far from comprehensive. I’m also not particularly drawn in by their aesthetic. The only brand that can pull off retro or cartoonish packaging is theBalm—in my humble opinion, at least.

AZS2So, isn’t it funny that I’m sitting here about to write a pretty damn good review of a Benefit product? It’s a pleasant surprise to me and I’m quite happy to have given the brand another shot in spite of all of the blah and meh experiences I’ve had with it. The reason why I decided  to give it another shot was, of course, other reviews on the internet. I feel like once you get sucked into the world of online makeup reviews, it just becomes a vicious cycle of see-research-ogle-obsess-buy-loveit and repeat. Not complaining here, promise! I mean, it’s what brought me to this:

AZS9Meet Agent Zero Shine (1,600 Php), Benefit’s shine-vanishing, pore-smoothing PRO powder. She’s obviously the POREfessional PRO balm‘s partner in crime: the ultimate mattifyng setting powder to match the ultimate smoothing primer. Benefit has been selling the pair in a set and offering a gift with purchase. Now I have tried the PRO balm (primer) and I thought it wasn’t all that great. My mom on the other hand really loves the stuff. My skin doesn’t need a wrinkle-filler just yet and the primer doesn’t control excess oil. This finishing powder on the other hand, does. 

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Mary Kay Translucent Loose Powder || Review

Happy Monday, everyone! :) Hope your long weekend was loads of fun! I spent mine catching up with some friends, which meant actually going out to clubs. Now I’m not the clubbing type of girl at all– I really much prefer sitting down at a bar for a beer– but I was happy to see friends that I hadn’t seen in a really long time, so going home with hair that smelled of smoke was worth it naman. Going out also gives me an excuse to wear heavier makeup than I normally would and I get to test how photogenic certain foundations or powders are. Clubs are also usually packed with people and the environment can make one sweaty in no time, so a good setting powder really is imperative. This past weekend I took the MaryKay Translucent Loose Powder* (800.00Php) for a spin.


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