The Makeup Brushes I Can’t Live Without

Allow me to begin this post by saying that as of my last count, I have over 50 makeup brushes. I don’t have all of them out and in rotation on my vanity simply because there are so many of them, but I have tested each and every one. As such, I know which ones I like enough to use everyday and — as many as there are — I had no problem at all picking out my absolute favourites. These brushes don’t necessarily form a complete set and they aren’t even all expensive brushes, but they are the best at what they do and I cannot imagine living without them.
DSC03659Sonia Kashuk No. 1 Brush – Sonia Kahsuk is a brand that sells exclusively at Target and I make it a point to pick up at least one brush from her line whenever I get the chance. The regular brushes with the white handles are OK, but the black, curvy-handled ones are the best. They range in price from 15-20 USD. This No.1 brush is the most amazing fluffy powder brush.

Sonia Kashuk (???) Brush – This one was from a special collection and the number has rubbed off, but it’s just a smaller version of the No.1 Brush. I use it to apply heavier powder foundations. Like the larger No.1 Brush, it’s incredibly soft.

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My Top Two Target Finds

TTTF1.jpgI picked up a decent number of items from Target while I was in the US, but these two products have really stood out since I got home and started putting them to work: The Sonia Kashuk Eye Couture Palette in Eye On Neutral 02 ($19.99) and the NYC Smooth Skin Bronzing Face Powder in Sunny 720A (approx. $2.35) are both incredible products are incredibly low prices (considering how good they are). I couldn’t be happier with these babies and if you ever find yourself at Target, I suggest you grab them! No hurry because they’re not limited edition or anything, but the sooner you get your hands on them, the sooner you can enjoy using them! :) 

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