Revlon Colorburst Lacquer and Matte Balms in 145 Ingenue and 250 Standout

RLMB1I picked these up way back in February, but I totally forgot to write about them! I have one lacquer balm, 145 Ingenue, and one matte balm, 250 Standout (both 575.00 Php as you can see on the stickers). I fell fast and hard for Ingenue and if I wore reds more often Standout would be a fave too. I have my eyes on a couple more shades from both the lacquer and matte lines, but I’m not in a rush to pick them up. RLMB4Swatched and worn. Ingenue is a peachy-brown with warm undertones, medium coverage, and a frost finish. I can’t believe I actually like a frost, but in this shade it is just so flattering on the lips because the shimmer is so fine that it looks almost like a gloss. I’ve even had people ask me what lipgloss I had on while wearing this. Feels like a lipstick though and it wears pretty well but will not last through a meal. Standout on the other hand is a beautiful classic red. It doesn’t lean too orange or pink, so I’d say it’s neutral toned. The funny thing about this “matte” balm is that there’s definitely a bit of a sheen to the finish. It does dry down to look more matte after a while, but it keeps the sheen for a couple of hours after application. I do wish it were truly matte, but if we’re not being strict about that, it is a fantastic red. It wears excellently even through meals and drinking, plus it’s very comfortable to wear.

What are your fave shades from these ranges? Any duds I should look out for before I pick up more shades? :)

Packaging photos after the jump. ;)

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