Happy Skin Summer 2015: “Beauty In Bloom” Product Launch and Info

Happy Skin’s summer 2015 collection dropped last week and it is every bit as bloomiful — oops, I meant beautiful — as I hoped it would be. The collection, called “Beauty In Bloom“, is the brand’s second summer release and I remember clearly that it was last year’s summer collection, “Turn Up The Heat“, that first enticed me into purchasing Happy Skin products. Since then I have consistently been amazed at how thorough the relatively-young and proudly-Filipino brand is when it comes to product development and conceptualisation of themes for limited edition and permanent products alike.

P1180737To say that I am a fan of Happy Skin would be 100% accurate. Those who know me know that although I don’t “fangirl” over the usual things like pop stars and handsome actors, I can “fangirl” pretty hard when I decide that I admire someone or something. Admiration is precisely what I have for Happy Skin as a brand and for its co-founders, Jacqe Yuengtian-Gutierrez and Rissa Mananquil-Trillo. So it was with sheer and utter joy that I accepted a friend’s invitation to attend this year’s Happy Skin summer party (thank you times a billion, Iya! ♥).

Now I get to share the experience with you, my readers, as well as information about the collection that I hope will be helpful to you. Do read (or at least scroll) until the very end so that you can see all of the product shots and swatches! 

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Turn Up The Heat: Happy Skin Limited Edition Shut Up & Kiss Me Lippies

HSL1If you haven’t heard of Happy Skin, welcome back from under your rock. I feel like their marketing is so aggressive that they’ve probably reached every Filipina even just remotely interested in makeup. You can read about their story here, but in a nutshell it’s a local makeup brand that launched sometime last year and that offers “an entire range of skin-caring makeup.” I hadn’t actually tried any of their products before this purchase, but my Instagram feed was so saturated with photos of their summer collection launch last week that I just had to have a taste of it.

HSL2To see good overviews of the summer collection and the new additions to the permanent line, check out Project Vanity and Bless My Bag. Happy Skin came out with limited edition lippies and blushes for the summer, but have also added some exciting new things to their permanent range, including a micellar water makeup remover (!!!). Based on Liz’s and Julia’s posts I decided to purchase the full set of Shut Up & Kiss Me Turn Up The Heat Lippies (1,249.00 for the set and 549.00 individually). Funny how none of the colours from the permanent range of lipsticks ever enticed me despite the rave reviews on the formula, while all three of these summer shades looked absolutely irresistible to me. Have a look:

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