Swatches of the NEW Happy Skin Lip Lacquer (Hear Me Roar) & Matte Lippie (Pop The Question)

This past Wednesday was apparently “National Lipstick Day” (or was it International? Matters little!) and all over Instagram people were celebrating by posting anything and everything to do with lipstick. To me, that’s a visual feast, so I’m not complaining. I was, however, out of the house all day and those posts spurred an urge to buy a new lipstick. I resisted, mostly because none of the shades I had swatched were particularly exiting, but also because I have all of the lipsticks I need — at least, I thought I did. That changed when I came home to thisDSC02996It’s been just over a month since Happy Skin introduced us to their amazing matte lipstick formula with the Preview x Happy Skin collaboration. Too Cool and Hot Stuff were beautiful shades (I adore Too Cool), but they are sadly limited edition ones that won’t be coming back after stocks run out (unless we petition for Too Cool to become permanent, maybe? hehe). Still, we all knew that Happy Skin would introduce permanent shades in the matte formulation one day — I just didn’t expect that day to come so soon. I’m definitely not complaining and I was so kilig to have been sent one of the new Matte Lippie shades AND a totally new product, the Power Pout Lip Lacquer, to try out. I didn’t have all the lipsticks I needed pala. Hehe.

Along with a beautiful monogrammed lipstick pouch by Bespoke & Beyond, I received the Shut Up & Kiss Me Moisturizing Matte Lippie in Pop The Question and the Shut Up & Kiss Me Power Pout Moisturizing Lip Lacquer in Hear Me Roar.

I am putting this post up a day before the Zalora launch so that you can have a look at these particular shades and decide if you’re interested in them. I’ll include the basic information, but this isn’t a review. Happy swatch-ogling! :)

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MAC The Matte Lip: Living Legend

P1160207This is the MAC lipstick in the new matte formula that I mentioned in my review of Smoked Purple. I know, I know — it’s another dark lipstick. In my defense, it is that time of year that people in the West call “Fall.” This kind of vampy, plummy red is on-trend now for sure. I don’t tend to be sucked in by all trends… just the ones that suit me, in which case I’ll come back to it at any damn time in the year anyway.

So Living Legend (approx. 950 PHP), as I mentioned, is a reformulated matte. It’s one of eight shades released as part of the “MAC The Matte Lip Collection” which hit counters just this month. Of those eight shades, seven are limited edition (LE) and one is permanent (Heroine, which MAC is pretty much shoving down our throats at this point). It guts me that this particular shade is LE because I do rate it highly and I suspect that the other shades are just as lovely formula-wise (based on swatching at counters and reading other reviews). But MAC is pretty good at listening to their audience, so if enough people like Living Legend, we might still see it in other collections in the future or even as part of the permanent collection. P1160213Living Legend is a deep plum with a matte finish. Those who went ga-ga over the Novel Romance Collection will be familiar with Lingering Kiss, which is also a matte plum shade. They are extremely similar (just short of being dupes), with Living Legend being just slightly cooler in terms of undertone and a little less red. If you have Lingering Kiss, you can skip out on Living Legend. Both are also LE, just so you know.

Btw, aren’t fresh and untouched lipsticks a thing of beauty? It never ever gets old to me.

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Swatched: Rimmel Lasting Finish by Kate Lipstick in 09 and 104

Hello, everyone! :) Happy (end of) Sunday to y’all! Today was rather gloomy but I hope you still found ways to enjoy it. I’m feeling slightly under the weather but I wanted to share photos of these lipsticks with you guys. I love looking at them and I love talking about makeup. If you’re reading this then chances are that the same sort of thing cheers you up, too. Enjoy!

KFR1I first heard of the Kate Moss for Rimmel lippies from Zoella. She’s all about the reds from this range, but there are tons of other shades available too. I picked up #19 when I was abroad, which is a very wearable warm rose. It seems to be a limited edition shade because I can’t find it listed on the Rimmel website. Sad. But anyway, I liked the formula so much that I couldn’t say no to getting a couple of other colours when I saw that bonmarchepage was selling them for just 260Php.
KFR2The Lasting Finish lippies come in either red or black packaging. Red indicates the matte finish and black the regular finishes (either glossy or satin but all with high colour pay-off). I find them to be equally gorgeous and I adore the crown logo embossed onto the top of the cover.

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Personal Makeup Challenge (feat. MAC Ronnie Red)

Some time last week Liz of Project Vanity asked her readers a question: What makeup look do you think isn’t for you? So many people left comments and it was really interesting to read what makeup looks or products others find daunting. Surprisingly a lot of people don’t like coral shades on their lips and bronzer. Not so surprising was that a lot of people veer away from smokey eyes and red lips. I myself feel quite a bit apprehensive when it comes to certain kinds of reds. My comfort zone is with the dark, deep reds, and I only ever wear them at night– I call it my “after 6pm” rule and I’ve always stuck to it. In reply to Liz’s post I mentioned that there are girls who can totally rock a bright red lip while the sun is still high in the sky, while I feel like I’ve aged some ten years or am trying too hard (lol). But I promised myself I’d give it another go (because you never know when something will just start working for you) and here I am documenting my little experiment / challenge to myself.

MRRI chose to use “Ronnie Red” from the MAC Archie’s Girls collection because it’s a bright pink-red (totally out of my comfort zone) with a matte finish. Matte lipsticks are generally more modern looking, though that’s really a matter of opinion. I already have a number of reds in my little collection but this is the very first with a matte finish and I have to say I liked it quite a bit more than the usual shiny or glossy reds I’m used to. 

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MAC Holiday Collection 2012: Glamourdaze, Small Vanity, and Lavish Rose

I know, I know, another holiday collection? Yup, I really seem to be buying into them lately! What’s funny is that I was most interested in getting something from the Shu Uemura x Karl Lagerfeld Mon Shu collection but I ended up with nothing from it at all. Everything looked great in the promo photos, but once I saw the products in front of me, I was just not as excited as I thought I would be. Maybe next year, Shu! Now the exact opposite happened to me with MAC’s Glamourdaze collection. I saw the promotions and thought they were pretty boring plus the gift sets didn’t look to be very good value for money. But when I saw the collection at the MAC counter, I fell in love with one of the lipsticks right away! I then saw a really great review of one of the blushes which looked like a really good match for the lipstick I wanted and I was pretty much sold on two items at that point…

MAC Small Vanity blush + Glamourdaze lipstick

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NOTD: Max Factor Max Effect in #26: “Cappuccino”

Mini bottle of Max Factor’s Max Effect nail polish, which is a new formula from the brand. I like that they sell all colours in the regular sized bottles or the mini sizes, because sometimes you know you’re not going to be using a particular shade all the time. They’re also good to travel with! The mini ones are 175.00php. :)

I know, I know, I just wore grey! In my defense I would say this is more of a taupe and not grey. Haha! So strange that this shade is called “Cappuccino.” If my coffee were that colour, I know I’d be scared! On my nails though, I like it a lot. :)

They’re Here! Revlon Just Bitten Kissable Balm Stain — Review

So the Revlon Just Bitten Kissable Balm Stains (what a mouthful!) just hit Revlon counters in the Philippines. For a time I thought that they would not be available here, but Revlon is pretty good about making their line available internationally. Can’t say the same about Maybelline and L’Oreal, sadly. Anyway, here they are! :)

I got two shades: 030 “Smitten” (above) and 001 “Honey.” So I have one brighter shade and one on the more nude side of the spectrum. These balm-stains are supposed to (as the name suggests) hydrate and leave a stain of colour on your lips at the same time.

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