Bedside Table Staple: Huiles & Baumes Lip Balm

I have always had a small pot of petroleum jelly on my bedside table… just to slather some on my lips before hitting the hay, you know. Recently though, I felt like I wanted to replace my plastic-cased 32 peso petroleum jelly with something slightly more luxurious– ok, a lot more luxurious!Hence, I present to you my Huiles & Baumes natural and certified organic lip balm! It comes in a pretty box and the product itself is housed in a glass jar with an aluminium top (I think). There is no petroleum in this balm which is apparently something that a lot of people avoid. I personally never had any problems with petroleum-based products, but this oil and beeswax based lipbalm does seem to feel lighter and melts into my lips much more quickly.

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