Christmas Wish List 2011

Wish Lists are incredibly fun to make–and I’d like to think of that as a pretty universal statement, just so that I don’t feel too materialistic (hehe). Of course there’s no better feeling than giving a gift and having it appreciated, but it’s difficult to go Christmas shopping for others without spotting a ton of things you’d like for yourself (which is why by the end of December I am always broke). Here are some of the things that caught my eye this year:

1. Daycraft 2012 Animal Pals Planner. Can you say a-dorable? Adorable! This is not a full-sized notebook, which makes it practical and easy to carry in a bag. Aside from this doggy, the animal-themed collection also has a horse, a baboon, a piggy, and a duck! The doggy and the pig are my favourites. Available at Fully Booked!

2. A Timex Originals watch with a twist! How ironic is that? Haha. I love all of the animal print straps here but my favorites are the python strap with the black face and the zebra strap one! I also want a Camper, but not in black… maybe in orange, because it looks yummy. The baby pink is adorable too!

3. Black Beauty by Anna Sewell: Penguin Threads special edition! Black Beauty is probably one of my favourite books. It’s also one of the few books whose movie I saw before reading the book. The copy I have is old and falling apart, and if I get this one I definitely won’t throw/give it away… but this one is so pretty. And I’d love another excuse to read it again!

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