Thrifty Tip: Your Used-Up Candle Jars

I love burning candles. There’s a scent for most any occasion and they totally set/compliment the mood. For example the apple scented Glade candle pictured below is the most amazing candle to have burning during the Christmas season. The “pink sangria” one from Bath and body Works on the other hand is more of a summer scent. These are both relatively cheap candles so they burn down quite fast (compared to high-end candles which often have 40 – 50 hour burn time, depending on what size you get) and so I’m left with an empty glass jar that I would never just dispose of.

If you’re a beauty junkie and a bit of a neat-freak like I am, here’s a suggestion of just one thing you could do with your empty candle jars:

Step1Step 1: To begin, you obviously need a candle to burn. If you’re not really into candles yourself, there’s a big chance your mom or one of your titas (aunts) will be. If the candle is yours, wait until you’ve burned it all the way down– but don’t rush naman, they’re meant to be enjoyed! If they’re someone else’s, wait patiently and ask if you can take the empty jar off their hands. A tip: each time you burn your candle, you should let the wax burn all the way to the sides so that the wax stays level and you get the most use out of your candle as it will burn down evenly. This means 1 – 2 hours of burn time, depending on the candle. Step2Step 2: Clean out the wax at the bottom of your used candle, remove the wick, and remove the sticker label as well if you want to (the glade candle had none). I adore the frosted finish on the Glade candle jar and the Bath and Body Works one actually has a cover but I forgot to photograph it, hehe. A tip: hot water will help melt the wax away.  To get the glass extra clean, you can use nail polish remover. Step3Step 3: Fill ’em up! I use the clear glass jar for my cotton pads and the frosted glass jar for my small/detailer makeup brushes. I added some glass stones to the bottom of the frosted glass jar because it was still a little too deep for some brushes. I also kind of like the hint of aqua blue peeping through. I love how these look on my dresser. They’re much prettier than the plastic containers I used to have, at least. CandlesFinalAnd that’s it, really! It was easy as 1, 2, 3 and I didn’t even have to go out and buy new containers! Like I said, this is just one way you could recycle your old candles. You might even want to use these as mini vases for flowers (wether real or fake) or as general decorative items around your room or house. OR you could decorate the glass and use it again for tea light candles for a whole new look! The possibilities are (nearly) endless!

So, what would you choose to do with your old candle jars? :)


p.s. The paintings and sketch in the background are my mother’s work. :)

Thrifty Tip: Anti-blister Stick

Hello! I’m writing this post entirely on my new iPhone, which was a Christmas gift from my dad. I’ve never had one before so I’m very excited and thankful to have it! :) Let’s see how well it works for putting up quick posts. On to today’s quick tip!

On the left in the photo above is a Anti-Blister protectant stick. It’s meant to be used on areas of your feet that tend to rub against the edges of your shoes uncomfortably, eventually causing blisters or wounds. What this clear balm does is reduce the friction between skin and shoes, making it less likely for you to wound yourself.

Now these little balm sticks can be quite a bit pricey at around 700 – 800 Php each. The one I have isn’t even available locally (got it in Hong Kong) and the Schick brand ones you can find here are even pricier. So my mom one day suggested that I try using a clear deodorant stick of a similar consistency instead. Genius and so very obvious at the same time!

I just happened to have the Alba botanical deo stick lying around. It was a deo that I had tried in an effort to go natural, but did not end up liking as a deodorant at all. It’s a clear stick deodorant, which is exactly what you’ll need to substitute the anti-chafing stick– you don’t white residue all over your feet, yeah? I’m pretty sure different clear deo sticks will have different consistencies, so look out for one that’s on the firmer side so that it doesn’t melt away quickly.

So, did it work? Yup! It was a pretty good substitute and it smelled good too (this despite the stick claiming to be fragrance free–not complaining). The only down side is that my Alba Botanica stick is HUGE so it’s not as convenient to carry around, but I’m sure there are smaller options out there!

And that’s my quick thrifty tip! Clear deo stick as anti-chafing gel replacement. It’s cheaper, smells good, and (most importantly) it works! :) Hope that was helpful!


**Edit from my laptop: Not bad for a phone post! Had to conter the photo on my laptop though. Will figure that out next time! :)

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