Verikos Deep Cleansing Oil Balm*

VCB1When I opened up my BNT Box and saw “Verikos” I was happy because the brand hadn’t let me down. Based on the shape of the box, I was expecting a cream moisturizer or something similar but when I actually read what it was, I couldn’t contain myself. The Verikos Deep Cleansing Oil Balm is a product similar to the famous Clinique Take The Day Off Cleansing Balm and Emma Hardie Amazing Face Cleansing Balm, which are both not available locally. All three are essentially deep cleansers that remove makeup and provide skin with a deep clean that isn’t drying. 

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Verikos Aloe Calming Oil || Quick Look

So I’m finally on Christmas break! :) The first thing I did was take an evening off to do absolutely nothing but relax. I lit a candle, took a long, hot shower, slathered myself in yummy-smelling lotion, and I organized my room because fixing things calms me down.

I also got back to organizing my blog line-up and I realized that the Verikos Aloe Calming Oil* had yet to be featured. This is another one of the skincare products that I received in my BNT box, and I have to mention that I had a deadline for featuring all of the products which I did not exactly meet because I got my hands on the box a little late. I’m also not comfortable talking about skincare prematurely, which I’ve mentioned before. I have, however, had a chance to use this organic oil a couple of times and I think a quick look at it should be fine.
ACO1The box reads: “Aloe Calming Oil raises skin that is under stress by an outside hazardous article moistly and comfortably.”

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