Her Royal Highness Princess Himeko Presents: Heroine Make Philippines

P1150551This post is long-overdue, but the news is still worth making a formal announcement: Heroine Make has come to Manila! :) For the brand launch, bloggers and press were treated to a lovely afternoon tea get-together, hosted by none other than Princess Himeko herself. P1150573Being a princess is hard work. You’ve always got to look poised, pretty, and overall presentable all the time. Good thing Princess Himeko is not only all of those things, but kind and generous as well– with her beauty tips, no less! Heroine Make is a Japan-based brand that anyone who has been to a Hong Kong, Japan, or Singapore drugstore is familiar with for sure. They’re best-known for their awesome mascara formulas and eyeliners, but they have lots of other products to offer and they’re all now conveniently hoard-able from Watson’s. P1150562Another notable thing about Heroine Make is the adorable packaging and the presence of a beautiful female character on most of it (Princess Himeko, duh). The illustrations are based on Shoji Manga, which features the “most emotional heroines.” Not necessarily in a bad way–they’re just in touch with their feminine sides. Some of the pictures even depict a crying princess–good thing the eye makeup is waterproof and can definitely stand up to a little crying bout. So yes, practical and pretty. Those are words I would definitely use to describe Heroine Make products. 

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New Year, New You! with Watsons Philippines

I don’t know about you guys, but I love submitting entries for raffles and trying my luck at online giveaways. I’ve actually won a couple of things in the past and I think it’s more about persistence than it is luck–or maybe it’s half and half! :) No matter how it goes, I actually really enjoy the process itself… hopefully I’m not alone, because Watsons has an awesome promo out to start the new year with! Watsons MechanicsYou get a chance to win an iPad mini OR a product package that you can create yourself. To begin, think of your beauty and/or health goal for 2014 and imagine the products that will help you achieve your goal. Once you’ve got that in mind, go over to Facebook to like the Watsons Philippines page, download a template image, and fill it in. You can see the rest of the mechanics in the photo above and it’s really quite simple. Share your product package (a.k.a. the ultimate wish list of Watsons & SM Beauty goodies) on your timeline and don’t forget to tag Watsons Philippines. WatsonsTemplateHere’s my entry with just the 2014 resolution filled in because I couldn’t figure out how to add photos into that space… yes, I’m that terrible with technology. Lol. Check out another example here, but here is the product package I made for myself:

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Must-Have: Sebamed Lip Defense SPF 30

Happy Friday, everyone! :) I’m sure y’all are excited for the long weekend, but before you rush off into the mountains, escape to the beach, or head back to your provinces (all things I wish I were doing but am not!), allow me to share with you another absolute must-have in life (the first being the Eight Hour Cream), especially for those of you who love to be outdoors:

Lip balm with SPF. Yes, everyone needs a lip balm with an SPF. If you’ve never had your lips burned by the sun before, consider yourself lucky and do not sit back and let it happen. Our lips are always at risk of being burned (unless you live indoors all day, every day) and they are especially at risk of sunburn when they are dry and chapped to begin with. Peeling lips reveal even more delicate skin and if you can imagine raw skin getting sunburned, I’m sure you’re cringing right along with me now.

There are loads of lip balms out there with SPF, but as with any product, not all brands do it right. Most lip balms will have an SPF of 15, but I was looking for one with a higher protection factor when I picked up the Banana Boat Suncreen Lip Balm (more about that another time) and the Sebamed Lip Defense (250.00 Php at Zalora), which both have an SPF of 30. SMLD1This is a no-frills, no-fuss kind of product and I love that. Plain white tube, twist-up mechanism, and a generous amount of balm. The ingredients include jojoba oil for intensive care, vitamin E for protection against free radicals, and bisabolol to regenerate the skin. To me this smells a little bit like cocoa butter, but that might be the SPF because it’s meant to be unscented. Of course the best part is the high SPF. I wore this at the beach last weekend and my lips felt hydrated and protected all day.

SMLD2Texture-wise it was kind of stiff to begin with, but once it warmed up application was easy and it felt like butter on my lips. There is actually a small gap between the balm and the packaging. It’s hard enough to hold its own shape, which explains why it can be difficult to warm up. On the plus side, that means this won’t melt easily in your handbag or in the heat of the beach. This just does everything it sets out to do. It’s no luxury product, but it works. That’s the most important thing. No complaints from me! :)

I got my tube at PCX for a bit more than 300.00 Php, but you can get it from Zalora at 250.00. Still, if you add shipping and the hassle of paying online, you might as well buy it in a store. Only SM stores carry Sebamed. That means Watson’s, PCX, and some SM department stores.

Do you guys have a favourite balm with SPF in it? Is it a necessity for you or do you just pick up any old lip balm? :)

Enjoy the long weekend!

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