Introducing: Bioré’s Line Up of Makeup Removers

About a week or so before leaving Manila, a bundle of some of Bioré’s different types of makeup removers arrived on my doorstep. I was ecstatic because this ups the number of readily accessible cleansing oils and micellar waters in Manila (the most popular other brands being Shu Uemura for the cleansing oil and Bioderma for micellar cleansing water).

Bioré, if you are unfamiliar with the brand, is of Japanese origin. They are well-known for their sunblocks locally, but apparently their makeup removing products are best-sellers in Japan. I trust Japanese skin care almost by default (you really should never do this but if there’s any one country that knows its skincare it’s Japan, so…) and so I didn’t hesitate to dive in and test all of these products immediately.
DSC04362The bundle I received included all three of Bioré’s makeup removing products: the Cleansing Oil (in the pump bottle and the two small travel bottles), the Micellar Cleansing Water, and the Cotton Sheets. There is also a 2-in-1 foaming Cleanser, but I unfortunately haven’t been able to try that out.

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NIVEA’s Box of Secrets*

If you stalk follow other bloggers on Instagram like I do, you’ll have seen the flood of posts about the NIVEA Come Closer event held in Balesin last week. I won’t hesitate to say I was jealous because admit it–you were too! Nivea couldn’t have picked a more beautiful location to launch their summer products there and I’m sure we’ll be seeing posts from the lucky bloggers who got to go soon (some may even be up by now), but for now you can search the hashtag #NIVEAComeCloser on Instagram to have a peek at their posts.

I wasn’t there–duh– but the good news is that summer will be here for all of us in no time at all. You won’t even have to be at the beach to feel the summer sun (although that is probably is the best place to be). And even when it isn’t summer, there are Nivea products that you can use all year round. Enter the Blue Box of Secrets that arrived at my house last week: P1170611How was that for a segue, eh? Haha. Ok, so onto the box. Everyone knows that when you label a sealed container with the word “secret” you might as well have blinking neon light arrows and the words “OPEN ME” pointing down at it. So open it I did. 

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