Random K Palette Picks

Hey guys! It’s been a while, I’m sorry. I’ve been sick as a dog these past couple of days and I also have my last two final exams to tackle this week. Worst time to be sick, really. I’ve been in and out of bed trying to study, failing miserably and then napping instead. My room also tends to become incredibly messy when I am sick, so I started tidying up my makeup for a while and realized that it really took my mind off of everything. So I thought maybe writing a quick post would have the same effect. I have a little purchase I wanted to share with you guys from last week, anyway. KP1K Palette stuff, yay! ^u^ Picked up the Real Lasting Eye Pencil in Deep Brown (750.00 Php) and the Zero Kuma Concealer in Type 3 (795.00 Php– on sale?) from Beauty Bar. I didn’t exactly need either of these things, but since when does necessity dictate my makeup purchases, lol. I had heard amazing things about the pencil liner (and swatched it a bajillion times!) and the Zero Kuma is a long-time fave, but now I’m trying out a different type.
KP2I feel like you can’t go wrong with K Palette stuff. Their liquid eyeliners and (type 1) Zero Kuma Concealer are such a staple in my collection that I’ve repurchased them so many times already. And I mean hello, the brand is Japanese. How can it not be awesome? Don’t let the Japanese text on the (super cute) packaging scare you off! There is usually a sticker at the back that explains everything in English, hehe.

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